Sunday, February 28, 2010

Restaurant: Dhaba-2

So, it has taken me a little longer than I expected to write out these reviews. My excuse: no internet. Kindda makes it tough to keep up a blog without access to consistent internet and also, the big ol' factor of time. My life has taken quite a turn but that's another blog entry all together. Without any other excuses, here is a series of reviews:

Price rating:
৳ = really cheap - less than $5
৳৳ = everyday food - less than $20
৳৳৳ = special night out - mid - scale dining - less than $50
৳৳৳৳ = date night - formal dining - less than $100
৳৳৳৳৳ = dressin' to impress - more than $100

DHABA (1 & 2)


House 100, Rd 11,
Block C, Banani;
tel: 989 0136

Rifles Square
4th floor, above Agora
Road 2, Dhanmondi

"Dhaba" - loosely translated from Hindi means - street vendor food. That is exactly what you should expect when you go to any of the Dhabas (Dhaba-1 in Banani & Dhaba-2 in Dhanmondi) in Dhaka. The restaurant serves up authentic Indian street foods...well as authentic as you can get in Dhaka and way more on the mark then other "indian" cuisine places. Its not the cleanest place by any 5 star restaurant standard but then again, when you have you eaten at a street vendors because of its hygiene standards!!

Don't get me wrong - Dhaba relatively clean, with its brightly colored walls and glass topped tables, floors are free of debris and plates are all stainless steels - it tranports to a little corner of food delights. Occaisinally you may see a roach walking about but best to turn a blind eye to it. The most exciting aspect of the Dhabas is the open kitchens. You can see them making your food...for some that may be of some comfort, others less so but nevertheless its exciting to see the chef's at work turning out rolls and plates of fuchkas at an instance!

I have eaten here a lot when craving a a plate of dahi fuchkas (yogurt based) or dahi vadas. Even the dosas and chicken rolls are delicious! The prices are even more inviting!

So--if you are in Dhaka, don't pass up an oppurtunity to have a plate of dahi fuchkas and dahi vadas at this place and if you craving a fuller meal-go for dal makhni and paratha--its delicious!!


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