Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Review: SURA, a Korean resturant in Dhaka, Bangladesh

I am starting a new section, a Review section! Since being in Dhaka, Cal and I go out to eat almost once a week and of course our palates are always in need of something new and different...so we cover a lot of restaurants in Dhaka! My mother-in-law gifted us a digi cam for our 1st anniversary, an interesting choice since Cal detests taking pics and dislikes the idea of a cam - but wouldn't ya know it his reaction to the cam was - "wow! exactly what we need!" I am still learning a lot about my hubby :)

So, to inaugurate the camera and celebrate our 1st anniversary (this was back in July) we had gone to a Korean restaurant. It was fantastic!! The decor was simple and elegant, the service fluid and attentive, the food timely and delicious! Anyone visiting Dhaka, Highly recommend a meal at SURA!!

It was on a whim we ended up here after a disastrous day of plans falling through. Premu, Cal's cuz, joined us so that we could end the day without a another blunder! It is in Gulshan, a posher part of town where most are expats or diplomats, a part of town with finer comforts. It was large establishment with large parking lot and polite guards. The area was clean as can be. We were greeted warmly upon entering by an elderly Korean woman and a pleasant waiter showed us to our table.

The decor was warm and sparse, very clean and very big. There were knooks for guests that require a bit of privacy, otherwise large wooden tables are spread out throughout the floor. The waiter greets and introduces himself, hands the menu and leaves us be. No hovering!

Every table is accompanied with traditional Korean condiments of pickles which includes Kimchi (my absolute fav!), pickled cucumbers, radishes and sprouts salad. When we were ready to order, the waiter was helpful and knowledgeable which was great. We started with an Seafood Pajun, a pancake, as an appetizer which was perfect. It was not stingy on the seafood! There were three of us and we couldn't finish the portions.

Cal is the expert on Korean food among us so we let him order. He ordered a Bulgogi, a stir fried marinated beef BB which was cook fresh on the table! A Bibimbab and a seafood dish which was just overkill! Needless to say we had plenty leftover for the next day.

What was amazing was the service, they brought in the food one at a time, keeping an eye on our eating pace. I have had Korean food in NY and this kitchen is above comparison! Can't wait to go back!!

PS: the bathroom was spotless and spacious!!

Add: Gulshan 2, House 2, Road 90
PH: 8821043, 0173038425

Excerpt from: Imhungrybd.com (they have a menu online!)
One of Dhaka’s pioneers in the restaurant business has struck again. Mrs. Park is no stranger to the restaurant scene and Sura is testament to that. There are plenty of private rooms for those who want a more intimate dining experience. The decor is simple and subtle, yet still able to flaunt detailed Korean art. The food is truly exceptional. Dhaka continues to have a myriad of restaurants but Sura was undoubtedly needed.

Homemade Donuts!

Cal hasn't been well for past week or so and has had practically no appetite :( This evening he actually asked for something to eat - but something sweet. Initial request was a banana chocolate milkshake, so he went downstairs to get milk and bananas. Meanwhile I was thumbing through a cookbook (Ranna Khado Pusti by Siddiqa Kabir)to figure out a menu for Eid and stumbled on a recipe for homemade donuts! I love this cookbook - no wonder my mother and my mother's mother swore by it! I had made them mini and Cal gulped down a bowl full!! Here is the recipe, with my own tweaks of course:

Homemade Donuts

Eggs 2
Sugar 1/3 cup (adjust to your own sweetness, I will add more next time)
Milk 1/3 cup
Clarified butter or Melted butter 1/3 cup (equal to milk)
Flour 1 1/2 cups
Baking Powder 2 tsp.
Salt 1/2 tsp
Oil to deep fry
Few drops of vanilla or any other flavor you prefer
Cinnamon powder or confectionery sugar or melted glaze or melted chocolate, etc. - you gt the idea, anything to top the donuts with!

1) Whip the eggs and sugar together, mix in milk and butter.

2) Mix the flour, salt and baking powder, add the egg mix and form into a sift dough. Leave in refrigerator for 15mins.

3) After 30 mins, spread the dough and roll out thick. Cut into donuts (I used a small bowl to make mini size and a small bottle cap to cut the middle holes out). Set aside for about 10mins.

4) Heat the oil, drop a 'tester' to check temp. It should make a golden brown color, if it becomes a chocolatey color, lower the heat and cool the oil a bit. Flip it to make it evenly colored.

Place them on a paper towel to dry off excess oil, sprinkle with toppings! Enjoy!!