Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fresh Mango Spicy salad

Green sour mangoes are in season and they make perfect additions to a curry, daal or on its own. The mangoes are a parrot green and white flesh and when u bite into it raw - it will pucker your mouth! I remember when I was a kid, there was a huge mango tree in front of our house. We could just pluck mangoes from our balcony and roof! Mmmmm... those were the lazy summer days. We wound eat the ripe ones right off the tree - but the younger "kaccha" ones we would slice then up and mix with some fresh f=green chilies, sugar and salt. Its delicious!!

Green mango
Slice them into thin strips. Mix with fresh green cili chopped up and mix with a little bit of salt and enough sugar to bring out natural flavor and not pucker your mouth.



jj said...

It's amazing what one can all do with Mango's, isn't it? This sounds great. I just posted a recipe for Black Bean and Mango Salad -- not self promo'ing but if interested, just click on my blog's really good!

Thanks for the great share!