Sunday, October 5, 2008

Gokarna: a trip to my grandfather's village

Eid is a great time in the city...its the only time of the year that it is completely traffic free! Well, thats not the only reason its great :) The city lights up like Xmas, everyone is in a festive spirit with new clothes and lots and lots of food! Visiting friends and neighbors and eating yummy meals...its wonderful. This year my mother was in Dhaka so we decided to a take drive to my grandfather's village, Gokarna. Its about 2 hours drive out of Dhaka and so beautiful and green! I couldn't take a lot of pictures on the drive...motion sickness...but here are a few pics of the compound.

Here the boys all prep to go to the morning prayers...


Soma said...

Hi just came across ur site from foodbuzz... what wonderful "foodographs". My grandparents are from Bangladesh.. and I have heard beautiful stories thru the time I grew up. never got a chance to visit tho.

U have build a very nice place here.

A New Yoker... said...

Thank you Soma :0) Hope you have an opportunity to visit some day!