Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Break...

It's been about 20 days since I have even sat in front of the computer. Hundreds of emails greeted me when I signed on - luckily most were junk mail! I have been on a 20 day hiatus for good reason! My mother and sister-in laws are visiting with two little cutest ever niece and nephew to complete the package. I am spending every spare moment with then since this is a a very rare visit and goodness - the kids grow up so fast! I don't want to miss a minute!! It has become very noisy all of a sudden - not just from the constant chatter and running around - the banging and slopping is from the carpenters building new kitchen cabinets (I had none before so Ma-in-law is gifting) and newly painted walls (a gift from sis-in-law since we both love color on our walls!) So today is the first day of rest-rather forced rest since my living room is occupied by the carpenters hurrying to finish the cabinets in the next two days. So, I am jammed in my bedroom with internet to keep me company!

As far as cooking - this is my food blog after all- I have done very very little. No - we don't go hungry! My maid cum cook has been handling a lot of it. (No, I am not extravagantly wealthy, it is the norm in South Asia to have some sort of hired helping hand.) Ma dearest and Sis dearest all chip in especially for breakfast since I am notorious for Not being an early riser.

So please bare with me as I take a little break - they are here till Jan. but I am sure I will write before then. Hopefully have food pics and recipes or more adventurous pics to share since we will be taking a trip to St. Martin's Island sometime in the next 2 weeks!

Here are some pics from Sis's extravagant meal she whipped up for all the Chachis (aunts not Happy Days' Chachi!!)