Saturday, March 15, 2008

Twister & Doctor’s Rx

Below is a post from my personal blog: I spent some time in Bangalore, India and had some fun nights out with friends and very interesting local cocktails...enjoy the recipes!

Sunday, woke up at 1PM after getting back from the pub at the unholy hour of 5AM. Luckily, no hangover. Had very yummy drink: Twister.

What is a Twister?

Shot of vodka
Lime juice – fresh squeezed
Sprite or 7-Up
Splash of cranberry juice

Sounds good, right? For my Luvlies that are abstaining from Alcohol this year—I think it would make a pretty good virgin drink too!

Another good drink—Doctor’s Rx

Learnt it from a friend in NYC but this is what it is:

Warm water
Mixed with Brandy

Its actually very tasty.

Also learned—eating bananas is a great help with hangovers. Also helps, LOTS of water before passing out! And of course, cold pizza. Dominoes pizza here is so good! The cheese is different and gives it a whole diff flavor!

India has McDonalds (no beef though), KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominoes (guaranteed delivery in 30 mins!) Waiting to see if a Starbucks, Krispy Kreme & Dunkin’Donuts pop up!!