Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Butter Baked Cabbage

I found this recipe on the Open Source Food network. It was from a guy in Japan named Theory that gave the chemistry behind this that was very interesting and made it all the more enticing to try it out. Here is a link to his post: Butter Baked Cabbage (Posted using ShareThis)

Baked Cabbage

1 whole cabbage (quartered - leave core intact)
Water to boil
Star anise
Black pepper

(Preheat oven to grill)

1. Boil water with spices (star anise, cardamom, cloves).

2. Boil the cabbage in the water until cooked through.

3. Place the cabbage in an oven proof dish, place a little bit of butter on the quarters, sprinkle some salt for taste and place in oven.

4. In about 10-15 mins the corners will slightly char-those are the best bits-when ready, take it out and sprinkle with black pepper.

We had it as a side dish to some chicken biryani and it was wonderful sweet delicate flavor contrasted to the strong spices of the biryani. This recipe is a must try!


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broken lightswitch said...

I want to try this tomorrow. Do you not post anymore?