Saturday, January 24, 2009

Street Food: Chanachur

The pot has hot coal in it to keep the crunches crunchy!
The tomatos act as a barrier too.
The whole thing is so light he can carry it around on his head.

I love Bangladeshi street food. It always just hits the spot. But, it isn't for weak stomachs!! Last posts have been about the ultimate favorite Fuchka and Chotpoti, today's is on a another very popular snack, Chanachur. Chanachur wallas are mobile and carry everything with them whereever they go. They can be found in parks and public places where there is a gathering. An interesting thing about them is that they sing to advertise, hopefully next time I can catch a video of it.

Chanachur is fried chickpeas dough in spices then mixed up with mustard oil, puffed rice, peanuts and tomato salad (cilantro, onion, green chili). Its cruncy, spicy, tangy, salty and everything to keep the palate entertained for a few mins!

The back part of the basket is the makeshift kitchen, how compartmentalized! The tomato salad is pre-prepared, the mustard oil, and the tumbler to shake and mix it all together.

Another interesting point to make for street food, it produces no waste. It is fantastic to see so much recycling in Dhaka. The chanachur wallas sell their fare in pouches made from newspaper scraps! Is it hygencic? Umm, probably not, but hey, street food in any country is a little adventurous!

So, you happen to be by Dhaka and hanging with your buddies at the park, call a chanachur walla and share a pouch!


Kitchen Flavours said...

This is called Mur Mur Chat in India. Spicy and yum. Came here through foodie blogroll. Hmmm Nice and yum recipe. Will try to learn some Bangladeshi flavours from your blog.....

Shelly said...

Wow...that is very interesting and looks delicous!

Bidesh to Bdesh said...

Hey, that looks delicious.

Thanks for the tip on Sabado and I am definitely gonna give some of the restaurants on their list a try.

I love to cook, so I might end up following some of your recipes. Thanks for the helpful blog. :)

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