Monday, January 5, 2009

Street Food: Fuchka & Chotpoti

Street food - smells & tastes like nothing in a clean sanitary kitchen. It's delicious but you don't really want to know why!

Fuchka Walla and his carts on
the streets by Dhaka University...

Here is a unique street food in Bangladesh -

the Fuchka Wallah with the hot
chickpea waiting to put it all together...

Fuchka is a mix of potatoes, chola (chickpeas) boiled in spices, tomatoes, onions, coriander, green chilies topped off with a sweet and sour tangy tamarind juice or sauce.

the potato, cilantro and onion mix ready for the mix

The mix is stuffed in a crunchy hollow wheat shell and has to be gulped in one bite.

yep...he mixes it with his bare hands...

Chotpoti is slightly different in that it's like a salad with chickpeas cooked in a slightly different set of spices with all the above minus the shell and plus some boiled egg slices.


Both are absolutely delicious and although they can be easily cooked tastily at home, there is nothing quite like it when you get it on the street. Kind of like NYC street hot dogs!!



Tea said...

I absolutely *LOVE* chotpoti. Thanks for this lovely post!